Project Description

Colombia is a fascinating country that offers it all. Jungles, mountains, and beaches. Some of the highlights were scaling up 800 steps to summit the world’s largest rock in Guatapé, hanging off the back of an old pickup truck while barreling down a hilly plantation in Concordia, and hiking 4 hours into dense, sweaty jungle in Santa Marta.

Here’s a promo I created for the amazing Colombian tour company Landventure Travel, showcasing the epic coffee plantation adventure they took us on in Concordia, Antioquia. We had such a memorable time touring the facilities where they make the best coffee money can buy. The best part however, was racing up the rolling hills of the coffee farm in our guide Ignacio’s pickup truck. I vividly remember clinging on for dear life… well, not really. I had a DSLR in one hand and a drone in the other, but somehow managed to not fall off!

Here’s a quick fly of the Mavic Pro from the balcony of our Airbnb in Cartagena. This is the farthest distance I’ve ever flown my drone! It resulted in some awesome footage that revealed the entirety of the beautiful Centro Histórico.


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