Project Description

Since early 2015, I’ve contributed to E! productions of the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and the Grammys as the editor for the Glambot. The Glambot is a Phantom Flex 4k camera on a robotic arm that whips around at high speeds while shooting at 980 frames per second. This is stationed on the red carpet, where A-lister celebrities can walk up and strike a pose, jump, spin, whatever they decide. The result is crystal clear, super slo-mo with dynamic camera movement of the famous and beautiful!

Meanwhile, I would be in the TV truck nearby with a small team. We then capture playback of the shots with an EVS XT3 video server. I then ingest the clips, bring them into premiere, and do some cool editing techniques, speed ramps, etc. Finally, I push the exports to a server where E! can immediately access them for air. The turnaround is ultra quick, since people worldwide tune into the E! pre-shows on TV and expect to see what’s happening on the red carpet at that very moment.

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