Project Description

Here’s a short montage of all the cool scenery and activities that my buddies and I got into in Iceland. We traveled from the capital Reykjavik to the southeast, passing through small villages like Vik and Hof. We got amazing footage from my Mavic Pro drone, GoPro and our iPhones.

Some of the highlights were:

-Hiking up a glacier on my birthday and taking a shot of tequila off of a makeshift ice luge, courtesy of our tour guide & his icepick.

-Snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier during a blizzard. According to our guides, it was the worst conditions that they’ve ever taken a tour group in. Zero visibility meant no horizon to get our bearings while gunning it around the glacier. Not the easiest introduction for my first time on a snowmobile!

-Spelunking in the “Crystal Cave” in Skaftafell. Standing inside a 150 foot, vivid blue ice cave was super memorable, and easily one of the coolest natural phenomenons I’ve ever seen.

The lay of the land is a photographer’s dream, my friends and I encountered every type of climate and scenery on our awesome roadtrip from the cities of Reyjkavik to Hof. Some of the highlights were encountering the wreckage of a US Navy aircraft from 1973, snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier during an intense blizzard, and flying my Mavic Pro drone over the 200 ft Skógafoss waterfall (see below).

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