Project Description

Who doesn’t love tacos? This was my tastiest shoot of all time. A colleague and I got hired to shoot some delicious taco stills and video for a local San Diego taco shop. Using nothing but natural daylight and some fill, we cranked out dozens of amazing, high quality photos of the menu… carne asada, pollo, & pork tacos, breakfast burrito, carne asada fries, nachos.

I also shot some on-the-fly grill action with the cooks in the kitchen. As the flames bursted up, there were moments that I thought my lens would start melting!! I turned the prepwork into a high-energy teaser of delicious taco action. I love how the driving drumbeat fit so well with the imagery, the grilling and cutting look so percussive in themselves. The sizzles and chop sound effects added a sweetness to the beat!

I’m proud to say the folks at Taco Lounge have boasted my work on their social media & HDTV in the shop.

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